Racing Victoria does backflip

7 weeks after Racing Victoria announced that 2010 would be the last jumps racing season in Victoria, they have bowed to pressure from the jumps racing lobby and announced that if 3 key performance indicators can be achieved in 2010, jumps racing will continue in 2011.

In essence, if the fall and death rate can be reduced to what RVL considers an acceptable level, jumps racing will continue in 2011.

The appalling decision demonstrates that RVL has no regard for horses and is only concerned with public perception. Even Hugh Wirth, President of the RSPCA has vowed to make the banning of jumps racing their highest priority this year. “It’s war, make no mistake about that.’ Said Mr Wirth. ‘This is a disgraceful decision from a spineless and week-kneed board and we will not stop until jumps racing is banned once and for all”.

The Key Performance Indicators are:
1. A reduction in the fall rate from 5% to 3% of starters.
2. A reduction in the on-track death rate by half to 0.65% of starters.
3. Increased racehorse participation: 80% of races must not have less than 8 horses in a single race

While these targets are achievable, they have only been met twice in the last 10 years. With so much at risk, it is possible that the jockeys will be extremely cautious and trainers reluctant to race suspect horses.

Despite this we believe the falls and deaths will unfortunately continue.

CPR will be attending all trials and jumps races and will be conducting several demonstration throughout the year.


For those horse owners, trainers or riders who are considering sending their horses to the knackery, please click here so that we can assist in re-homing your horse. If you can also provide a home for ex-racehorses please also visit the page.

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