Myer sponsored cruelty

CPR calls on the general public to express their disgust towards Myer’s unwillingness to sponsor a whip free race and continue to be a major partner of a sport that physically and psychologically abuses horses through the use of the whip. Take action today

Making a killing

Tomorrow night (Monday Feb 16), “Making A Killing” will be aired on Four Corners (ABC1 at 8.30 pm). This chilling exposé is set to rock the greyhound racing industry, with numerous trainers already being suspended and tracks shut down upon the footage being shown to authorities.

If you care about racing greyhounds and want to create a kinder world for them, then encourage everybody you know to tune in tomorrow night. Then, take action (we will share how after the footage goes to air).

Pictured: Sarah, an ex-racing greyhound who was adopted by one of our kind volunteers. Sadly, not all are as lucky as her.

A picture speaks a thousands words

This photo has been sent in by a few supporters and we felt it was important to share. This is a truck leaving the Echuca sale yards yesterday – destined for an abattoir that kills horses for human consumption. Eating horses is legal and happens in some parts of Australia, however the majority of the steaks produced here are sent overseas to countries such as Belgium and France.

While we can’t tell the breeds of horses from this photo – there were a lot of ex-racehorses at the sale yards yesterday (both Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds) which we know ended up being sold to meat buyers.

This devastating scene serves as a harsh reminder of the desperate need for breeding reform in all areas of the equine industry, as well as a mandatory retirement plan for horses exiting the racing industry.

Rest in peace to these innocent horses. You can take action for those next in line here.