The racing industry has operated for over 150 years without any consideration given to the animals it uses. As a result, The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses was formed in 2008 to address the serious animal welfare concerns that are rife throughout the racing industry. By using public opinion and concern, CPR is able to address these serious animal welfare concerns and bring about positive changes for the animals and the industry.

CPR is currently made up of seven animal protection organisations across seven states and territories:

News South Wales
South Australia
Australian Capital Territory
Western Australia

Internationally, CPR has two satellite teams, in Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand, and proudly collaborates with Animal Aid (UK), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (USA) and Horseracing Wrongs (USA).

Statement of Purposes:

• To promote a more responsible attitude towards the treatment of racehorses, before, during and after their racing lives
• To seek improvements for the lives of racehorses before, during and after their racing lives
• To facilitate the re-homing and rescue of horses, in particular horses involved in the racing industry

“You have only to watch the impact of professionally organized minority groups to know we need high powered support to ensure we portray our interests powerfully to those who make the decisions in our state and racing industry.”

— Chris Morgan, Australian Jumps Racing Association, Jumping Informer, July 22, 2009