Golden Slipper Race Day Protest

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Start Date/Time :

23/03/2024 11:30 am

End Date/Time :

23/03/2024 1:00 am

The Golden Slipper is the world’s richest race for 2-year-old horses. $5 million in price money are at stake and the far too young horses are risking their lives for it.

Racing is the only horse ‘sport’ in the world allowing underdeveloped 2-year-old horses to compete – or even just carry a rider. Rather convenient for the racing industry as they wouldn’t want to be feeding a horse for an extra couple of years before making a profit from him/her.

Although waiting till the horse was fully developed would make the horse much stronger to endure many years of competing, investing in the longevity of a horse has no value for the racing industry who dispose of their horses after an average of 3 years of racing anyway.

Crystal Lily, pictured in the poster, was first raced as a 2-year-old. She won the Golden Slipper in 2010. She lived to be only 4-years-old, before she died from a heart attack on track.

Please join us when we stand up for the youngsters forced to race on the Golden Slipper Race Day. Animal Liberation and Animal Justice Party NSW will be joining us, and Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW MP and Spokesperson for Animal Welfare, will be coming to speak at the event in support as well.

We will assemble at the Rosehill racecourse entrance on Grand Avenue. Placards will be provided. Please bring refreshments and appropriate clothing and sun protection.